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committed to shaping the world's leading industrial nation a new image!

Hope Organic Polymer Material Factory Alibaba Enterprise

Hope products mainly include: UV varnish, die floor, epoxy floor, business projects, PVC glue, leather treatment agent, flexible track, stadium, etc. more than thirty varieties of products. Hope plant in Nantong core team set up by famous experts. Hope the first well-known in R & D institutions and joint research continuous innovation, with production, research and development, marketing, the ability to fully supporting the construction. Hope people throughout the six years, the concept of total quality management , to keep the faith has always been striving for the best innovative and cost-effective for customers to ensure better quality and better value service excellence . Part of external transfer of all projects, joint venture and other forms of business cooperation.

Hope to free UV varnish, die floor, epoxy floor, entrepreneurship, innovation projects and other areas of the consultation. Welcome counterparts of UV varnish, die floor, epoxy floor and other technology and business and other academic issues. Foreign business cooperation, transfer of small factories and practical business projects. Integration of resource optimization through an open, welcome counterparts, construction, decoration, municipal and our joint venture factories and other enterprises, complementary advantages, enhance the competitiveness of each other, and cooperation be no capital investment. Welcome to explore the possibility of cooperation of all win-win! Greatly improve the overall efficiency of business systems.

Hope will develop flexible permeable floor, permeable gravel floor, and other special flooring technology! Welcome to construction of various types of enterprises to develop new operating system!

the first high-tech division, to undertake the construction site , software, custom, and successfully developed the first directed search remailers, the first Web site translator (to generate static pages), all-around assistant parents, the first smart browser assistant, and other enterprise management software. opened the first cooperative network - first business and personal integration of resources to maximize the value added Platform , sincerely welcome people cooperate and cause!

First Hope sincerely hope and unity and cooperation all walks of life! To shape the world's leading new image of national industry and continuous efforts!


address : Jiangsu, China 539 West Renmin Road, Nantong City, No. site: www.deuv.cn

24-hour hotline: 13813711505 E-mial : deuv @ 163.com
phone :0513-82023332, 82023330 Fax: 0513-82023330 Zip : 226005

Bank : Nantong Branch of China Construction Bank 32001643036052500649

ABC debit card : 95599 8042 80029 96216
tax registration : National Tax Su word 320622197607193257

; This site is the first high-tech development center for the promotion of Nantong compute 苏 ICP 备 07005916 号